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ZEEnit 700 P

ZEEnit 700 P — With a plus of innovative features

The ZEEnit 700 P represents a new generation of variable compact tandem spectrometers for flame mode, hydride, HydrEA and graphite furnace technology. It is able to analyze liquid and solid samples in one and the same system.

At a glance

  • 8-lamp turret suited for coded lamps
  • Transverse heated graphite tube furnace
  • Furnace camera to monitor and control sample introduction and combustion in the graphite tube
  • Deuterium and Zeeman background correction
  • Automatic optimization routines for flame composition and burner height
  • Atomization and pyrolysis temperature, magnetic field strength, two-field and three-field correction mode
  • Superior aspherical optical system with extraordinary components, such as a quartz coated toric mirror, provides excellent light throughput
  • Magnetic field technology, 3-field mode for extension of the linear concentration range
  • Two atomizers combined in a single instrument allow switching between flame, hydride and graphite furnace techniques without any mechanical movement

High sample throughput

  • Variable sample introduction technique capable of easily processing both liquids and direct solids making it unique
  • High performance autosampler MPE featuring functions such as intelligent dilution and enrichment makes over-night processing routine and guarantees the highest dosing precision
  • High sample throughput, variability and efficiency ensured by the dual atomizer concept

solid AA® — Direct analysis of solid samples

The transversely heated graphite furnace facilitates the introduction of liquid samples as well as direct solid sample feed. The combination of the furnace with powerful background correction forms the basis for optimal results.