A&A reagent Products

contrAA® 700

contrAA® 700 is the High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame, hydride, graphite tube and HydrEA technique.

It offers:

  • High-resolution echelle spectrometer
  • Just one continuum source of radiation
  • Real sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • Intelligent design and readiness to operate quickly, high effectiveness and easy handling
  • Unique flexibility
  • Possibility to change quickly from flame technology to graphite furnace technology and vice versa, with only one mouse click! (tandem principle)


ASpect CS software package

The ASpect CS software offers comprehensive on-line help and a user-friendly software concept for applications ranging from routine analysis to development and research. The software supports the unique features of HR-CS AAS, such as:

  • Simultaneous background correction by acquiring spectral information in the vicinity of the analysis line
  • Fast element/line change
  • Fast sequential multi-element measurement at continuous sample flow in flame mode
  • Diverse options of automatic method optimization for work in all fields of application or with unknown matrices
  • Cookbook methods for all elements — basis for fast method development

The obtained data can be recalculated, exported to various file formats and printed out.

The results of the quality control measurements are automatically recorded on so-called QC charts.