A&A reagent Products

Nitrile gloves

 Nitrile gloves, NITRILE

  • Non sterile, powder-free, textured finish
  • Highly resistant to chemical solvents and fats
  • Excellent grip, especially when holding wet objects
  • Designed especially for latex allergy sufferers




 Nitrile gloves, NITRILE LIGHT

  • Non sterile, powder-free
  • Low thickness and textured fingertips for excellent grip
  • Particularly skin friendly for users with latex allergy
  • Rolled cuffs minimise the risk of tearing


Other Products
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Disposal bags Heat resistant up to 145 °C Autoclavable                                                  Without 'Biohazard' printing                                              With 'Biohazard' printing  
  Bags, biohazard Autoclavable up to 135 °C The useful temperature indicator text is white before autoclaving, then black Contents Have Been Autoclaved' indicates successful autoclaving Highly visible 'Biohazard' label with the corresponding warning sign