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Merck Millipore’s Samplicity® Filtration System

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HPLC sample prep doesn’t have to be inefficient or painful.

If you’re using chromatography to analyze dozens of pharmaceutical samples, food and beverage products or cosmetic formulations a day, especially hard-to-filter, viscous or particulate-laden samples, you know that traditional filtration methods can result in:

Slow filtration speed/clogging

Filter bursting or spillage

Sample volume loss (most undesirable for small-volume samples)

Operator fatigue

It’s time to let vacuum force do the work: try Merck Millipore’s Samplicity® Filtration System.


The ideal sample prep system for most chromatographers.

The first vacuum-driven system with the flexibility to filter 1 to 8 samples directly into standard HPLC sample vials,

the Samplicity® Filtration System addresses all of the challenges facing analytical chromatographers. Just attach a

vacuum pump, load your samples, and flip the lever. Recover your particulate-free samples in seconds.

The Samplicity® Filtration System is ideal for QC and R&D labs, along with other analysts studying:

Drug dissolution – mandatory testing of the dissolution rate of solid dosage forms using an

in vitro test

Food safety – testing foods and beverages for unknown and known toxins, including glycol, melamine, and


Cosmetics – separation and detection of cosmetic ingredients and formulations

Biofuels – analysis and extraction of lipids from algae and other biomass

Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) – quantification of interactions of drugs with the body with

respect to time